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Rugged Fanless Box Computer NUCs

The Intel® NUC 8 Rugged Chaco Canyon is an ultra small form factor, mini-PC engineered for robustness, built to last and qualified for sustained 24×7 operations.  The fanless BOX computer is a low-cost system utilizing Intel’s Celeron and Pentium CPUs. With built-in memory and storage, the Chaco Canyon includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support for wireless applications.  The Rugged Chaco Canyon is designed for low cost embedded, HMI as well as retail and digital signage applications.  When combined with a NUC Innovations Expansion Element the system is an ideal solution for PC-based PLCs, factory automation, Smart Building and Lighting Control, and Machine Vision with AI.

Rugged Element Fanless NUCs

The Rugged Element NUC is a modular fanless box computer designed for embedded and industrial applications. Intel’s latest modular CPU packaging allows for a wide range of CPU/memory configurations to support easy to demanding applications. There are 3 versions of the Rugged Element NUC each offering different IO connections. The BA model offers the common IO ports plus 2 RS-232 serial ports. The BB model offers a second Ethernet port with 2 USB 2.0 ports. The BC model offers 6 HDMI video ports. The Rugged NUCs when combined with a NUC Innovations Expansion Element offers the ideal computer solution for Factory automation, Smart Building and Lighting Control, Machine Vision as well as Kiosk and other traditional industrial PC applications.

Traditional NUC Systems

Intel® NUC 11 Pro are compact systems built to drive the future of business. 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® Iris ™ Xe graphics deliver breakthrough performance for edge compute, Kiosk and retail vision applications.  The NUC 11 Pro is an ideal edge compute appliance, with remote management available. These systems provide next-gen performance in a small-footprint edge device. Every system is tested by Intel for 24×7 sustained operation and features a three-year warranty and three plus year product lifecycle to deliver years of nonstop business performance. NUC 11 Pro when combined with a NUC Innovations Expansion Element creates a leading-edge solution combining performance with a wide range of industrial IO buses or camera interfaces for demanding embedded AI applications.

Meeting You Unique Needs

Not Sure Which System You Need?

We are happy to help! At NUC Innovations, we  use a design approach. – “OPEN IO” – that enables us to develop a solution ideal for your unique needs.  Whatever your needs, we have your solution:  Specific IO Features; Additional Serial Ports; CAN ports; 5G or 10G Ethernet; EtherCAT; EtherNet/IP; Modbus/TCP; POWERLINK; PROFINET; Sercos; CAN Open; M.2 or PCIe Add-in Modules. Our OPEN IO design supports custom IO panels to support company specific IO connection modules. TALK to a NUC Innovations Team Member today!

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