Expansion Elements

NUC Innovations Expansion Elements for the Intel Rugged Elements support the installation of a wide range of IO technologies such as serial buses like RS485 and CAN bus, Ethernet buses such as EtherCAT, Modibus, ….



Intel Rugged Element 6-Port Serial Expansion Element

The Serial port Expansion Element allow the Intel Rugged Element system to add additional serial ports or provide access to the onboard serial ports for the CMCR1ABB and CMCR1ABC configurations. The product supports all communication technologies that utilize a DB-9 connector. This includes RS232, RS422, RS485 as well as CAN Bus. Different configurations are supported to enable 2,4 6 or even 8 serial ports depending on the communication standard. Serial port Expansion Elements include the serial communications adapter and all cables.

Intel Rugged Element PCIe x4 Slot Expansion Element

The PCIe Expansion Element adds a PCIe expansion slot to all models of the Intel Rugged Element system. Now the system can access the vast selection of different hardware adapters required for the end application. Install an AI Accelerator, a data acquisition adapter, or a 10Gb SFP+ network adapter. Connected to a wide range of industrial communication and control buses using a Hilscher PCIe Interface adapter.  The PCIe expansion element provides a PCIe X4 slot to support PCIe X1 or PCIe X4 adapters. Two models allow for support of full height and low-profile adapters up to 135mm long.

Intel Rugged Element LCD Front Panel Expansion Element

The LCD Front Panel Expansion Element provides a 2 line by 20-character LCD display with 4 input buttons. The LCD panel can be used to display system operational status information or error messages when systems are operating in a headless mode. The LCD front panel is a USB connected device allowing for easy support under Windows or Linux operating systems. AN SDK is available to assist in developing customer applications. The LCD Front Panel Expansion Element is available as a standalone item or can be combined with the 6-Port Serial or PCIe x4 Expansion

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