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OPEN IO Design

One of the perpetual challenges selecting a industrial computer system is finding the optimal set of IO features. Some systems have too many, some systems have too few. Would it not be nice to be able to have a base computer system that you can then add different feature modules to create the product you need. That is the goal of NUC Innovations OPEN IO design. An Expansion Element can easily be customized to create the optimal solution,

The Expansion Element for the Intel Rugged Element offers an IO window of 8.1″ wide and 1.0″ high. The electronics bay can support up modules 8.8″ wide, 5.4″ deep and .94″ high.


Designed to support quick prototyping using manufacturers’ evaluation boards it is now fast and affordable to develop hardware solutions that solve customer problems with the optimal solution.  Expansion Element with Microchip 6-port GBE Ethernet switch evaluation board.  Concept to delivery of working prototype was 2 weeks!

Customization Is No Problem!

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Our OPEN IO design approach allows the NUC Innovations team to easily develop the custom NUC Intel solution you need. Expansion Elements can be used to install electronic assemblies and external connectors. We can design a combination of different standard expansion features.  If your application requires a low profile PCIe slot and additional external connectors; this is achieved by creating a custom OPEN IO insert. Becaus of our ability to stack Expansion Elements we can create the exact system you need.  SCHEDULE a consultation with our team today!

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