NUC Innovations

Specializes in Expansion and Connectivity for Intel NUC systems

Our new line of Expansion Elements for Intel’s Rugged Elements allows the creation of powerful, compact fanless systems with the advanced IO required at a cost savings.

Internal LTE solutions are now available for Intel’s Chaco Canyon, NUC11 and soon Rugged Elements. Available in CAT M1, CAT 1 and Cat 4 specifications the LTE adapters are carrier certified end devices. No additional carrier or regulatory testing is required.

Why NUC Innovations?

Looking for a specific IO Feature? Need to add additional serial ports, CAN ports, 5G or 10G Ethernet? Maybe EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, POWERLINK, PROFINET, Sercos, CAN Open. NUC Innovations offers expansion elements that support M.2 or PCIe add-in modules. Our OPEN IO design supports custom IO panels to support company specific IO connection modules.

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The Expansion Element Concept:  What Is It and How Does It Save You Money?

At NUC Innovations we believe in products that bring value to our customers. Our collective history goes back to the birth of the original personal computer and we still work to achieve the aspirations created by the original computers. Computers should be flexible and easily customized to create the most cost effective solution needed for the application at hand. With the launch of NUC Innovations we are developing products that enable innovative, easily configured and customized system solutions that fill a void in the industrial system market today. Today you must choose between a BOX computer with it’s limited IO flexibility or an expandable embedded system with it’s higher costs and size. NUC Innovations Expansion Elements allows customers to have the compact size and lower cost of a BOX computer with the expansion of a higher cost systems.

Custom Options:

All of the NUC Innovations use a design approach we call OPEN IO. This approach was created to enable the easy development of custom solutions. The Expansion Element can be used to install electronic assemblies and external connectors.

OPEN IO also allows the easy combination of different standard expansion features.  Maybe your application requires a low profile PCIe slot and additional external connectors. That is easily done by creating a custom OPEN IO insert. With the ability to stack Expansion Elements it is easy to create the exact system you need.


NUC Innovations

NUC Innovations builds products that support our customer’s role as an innovative and high quality computer solution provider. We believe being a trustworthy partner is as important as bringing value to our customers.  We utilize our natural curiosity, decades of experience and knowledge to design and manufacture products we are proud of how they assist our customers succeed. Our history with the Intel NUC started at the birth of the product and we continue to contribute and, we hope, inspire future features and form factors.


What is the NUC?

Intel’s ® Next Unit of Computing (NUC – pronounced like “luck” or “truck”) is a line of small-form-factor barebone computer kits. Previewed in 2012 and launched in early 2013, the NUC has developed over ten generations, spanning from Sandy Bridge-based Celeron CPUs in the first generation through Ivy Bridge-based Core i3 and i5 CPUs in the second generation to Gemini Lake-based Pentium and Celeron CPUs and Kaby Lake-based Core i3, i5, and i7 CPUs in the seventh and eighth generations.  The NUC systems provide multiple benefits, including:

      • Everything a PC Can Do, Intel® NUC Can Do Smaller
      • High Performance, Powered by the Newest Intel® Technology
      • Intel® NUC: Nothing to Sacrifice But Space
      • Plug in Intel® NUC and Get to Work
      • Open Platform for Makers and Integrators
      • Mini PC Form Factor, Mini Energy Footprint
      • Quality and Reliability by Intel


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